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From the humble but ubiquitous “Fire Safety Door” sign to lift signs and room numbers.  We work with builders and building owners to get people where they need to be (and sometimes keep them out).

We will work with you to develop a building plan and list all the signs needed.  Our biggest job to date had 2800 signs and 1580 of those signs were unique signs with unique artwork. All signage is compliant to DDA and the new standards.

Working on commercial building sites is no problem as we have an EBA and all of our staff are fully trained and accredited. We also have a large roster of installers, so completing large projects in short time frames is not a problem for us.

Our company principal heads up the technical team for the Australian Sign and Graphics Association so he is always up to date with the rules. When the Flammable Cladding rules were introduced, he was flown state to state to deliver talks educating Sign Companies of how to apply the new rules to their signage.

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